Avionics Generator

Avionics generators, also known as avionics power supplies or avionics test equipment, are specialized devices used in the aviation industry to simulate various electrical conditions and test the performance and reliability of avionics systems. These generators are designed to replicate specific electrical signals, waveforms, and disturbances that avionics equipment may encounter during normal operation or under specific testing scenarios.

They serve a crucial role in the development, certification, and maintenance of avionics systems, ensuring their compliance with industry standards and regulations. They are utilized by aircraft manufacturers, avionics suppliers, and maintenance organizations to perform rigorous testing and verification of avionics equipment.


Avionics Generators are designed to meet the stringent requirements of DO-160G Section 22 and MIL-STD-461G. Our Avionics Generators are specifically engineered to handle Lighting Voltage, Current, Voltage Spike, and Induced Spikes, ensuring reliable and efficient performance in critical aviation environments.

Features of Avionics Generators

  • Adjustable Voltage and Current Levels: Our Avionics Generators come equipped with advanced features that allow you to adjust the voltage and current levels, providing flexibility in generating test signals tailored to specific avionics systems.
  • Waveform Shaping Capabilities : These generators possess the ability to shape waveforms, enabling the simulation of various electrical conditions encountered during lightning events with precision and accuracy.
  • High-Precision Measurements : Our generators are designed to offer high-precision measurements, ensuring accurate assessment of the avionics system's response to different electrical conditions and providing valuable insights for performance evaluation.
  • Synchronization Options : They also provide synchronization options, allowing for precise coordination and timing of test signals with other equipment or systems, facilitating comprehensive and synchronized testing scenarios.
  • Meticulous Design and Thorough Testing : Our Avionics Generators undergo meticulous design processes and rigorous testing procedures to ensure reliability and consistency in generating test signals that accurately simulate challenging electrical conditions.
  • Simulation of Challenging Electrical Conditions : Equipped with advanced features, our generators can simulate demanding electrical conditions experienced during lightning events, including high voltage transients, current surges, and induced spikes.
  • Confidence in Assessing Resilience and Performance : By utilizing our generators with their advanced features, you can confidently assess the resilience and performance of avionics systems under these demanding circumstances, gaining valuable insights for optimization and improvement.

With EMCI Plus Avionics Generators, you can enhance your avionics testing capabilities and benefit from superior performance, precision, and longevity. Get in touch with us right away to find out more about our goods and how they may satisfy your unique needs.

Avionics Generator

  • Avionics generators to perform the Lighting Voltage, Current, voltage spike and induced spikes as per Section 22 of DO-160G and MIL STD 461G

Avionics Generator


  • It can perform both PIN injection and Cable Bundle test methods of impulses in Single Stroke, Multiple Stroke or Multiple Burst.
  • No external couplers needed to decouple powered EUTs for PIN Injection or Ground injection Testing.