Damped Oscillatory Wave Generator

EMCI offers a 3-phase CDN integrated unit

EMCI Plus presents a ‘Damped Oscillatory wave generator’ named DOW-CG1. The mainframe unit has an active 7-inch capacitive touch displaying the waveshape at 1.2/50 μs. The oscillator controls EUT power to a maximum of 500V DC. EUT is tested to bear the maximum current limit of up to 32 Ampere to prevent damage. This relies on a fast ethernet network.

We have acquired the accreditation of IEC/ISO 17025.

The 3-phase Coupling/Decoupling Network (CDN) makes it easier to verify the equipment's immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMC) by coupling RF directly to the equipment being tested.


According to IEC61000-4-6, this methodology is regarded as the best option for conducting tests of immunity. This allows for continuous and direct calibration, eliminating the need for any off-line inspections, which results in an improvement in both accuracy and traceability.

Special Features

  • The installed CDNs are provided to customers as an essential component of an all-inclusive immunity testing system.
  • They are compatible with any normal IEC46000-4-6 system, in addition to being usable with the RFIC-4-6 system.
  • It has the additional advantage of closed-loop control, which result in increased productivity and a decreased necessity for power amplifiers.

Control Features

DOW-CG1 works on EPOS propietary-firmware, and is equipped with 8 menu languages. It keeps you updated with the supply voltage, current and frequency on the screen.

The connectivity channel designed for a DOW test on a low-speed communication line is through the gigabit ethernet. This enables the measurement of current and voltage by converting it from analog to digital thus reducing the use of copper wires.


  • One of the most well-known problems in the field of mechanics is known as the damped harmonic oscillator.
  • Damped Oscillatory Waves in the power network get utilized at Substation IEDs, Transformers, Electricity Meters etc.
  • DOW is most reliable to assess power, control, and signal cables that are located in high-voltage and medium-voltage stations.

EMCI Plus provides high-end combined or single-function solutions for simulating slow oscillatory waves for the purpose of immunity testing on electrical and electronic equipment.

Testing waveform

Damped Oscillatory Wave Generator

  • DOW-CG1 S up to 5kV
  • IDOW-CG1 up to 4.4kV
  • DOW as per IEC 61000-4-18, ANSI C37.90, IEC 61000-4-12: 1995, IEC 60255-26 and IEC 61000-4-10

Damped Oscillatory Wave Generator

  • In-Built 3PH CDN
  • In feature it can be upgradable for Insulation test 500 ohm/0.5J up to 8kV